Sunday, February 03, 2013

I LOVE Football

I LOVE football - I really do!
My dad took me to my first football game when I was probably 10. We went to a Utah game and he explained the game to me and I've loved it ever since.  When I was a freshman in high school our team was awesome and we went all the way to the state championship.  My dad drove me and all my friends in our station wagon up to Rice Stadium for the game and the BENGALS won!  While we were in high school my friends and I went to many games because we were in "LOVE" with some of the players.
Paul and I have watched a lot of football together.  He LOVES it too.  One of our first dates was to a high school football game between our two former high school teams.  We went to a couple of UTES games while we lived at the village - not enough but he was a busy student.  We've been back to some great games over the years.
Our family nights used to be watching Monday Night Football - good thing that went to cable and we don't have cable so at least we can try to have a decent FHE now.
Justin became a huge football fan in his teen years and he really dragged our family down and had us watching a lot of NFL games on Sundays.  Since he's been on his mission we hadn't watched a single Sunday game until a few weeks ago when we started watching the playoffs.  Of course, we were going to watch the SuperBowl and we better be prepared and know something about the teams that were playing. So we've enjoyed watching the playoffs, and today the Superbowl.  Taylor got into it today - he's not much of a fan of watching the whole game but was in for the party part of the Superbowl. He made the dessert and appertizer for the evening.  He and I enjoyed watching the game - and of course the commercials too :)

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