Saturday, February 02, 2013

I LOVE fieldtrips

We went on a little family fieldtrip today - to Paul's current project site.  He is the Project Manager for the new Lone Peak Hospital.  Today was a perfect day to go since it was sunny and not freezing cold like its been lately.  I've been to every project site that Paul has worked on and its always interesting to see the hospital at different points during the building process.  The great thing about this project is that it is here in town as opposed to out of the city/state like most of his other projects.

Paul at his desk in the office trailer on site

The kids with their dad

All decked out in construction gear so we can go on the tour

Paul explaining what part of the hospital we are in
and what work is going on

Kamryn trying her hand at driving a fork-lift

Jared taking his turn too

Kamryn looking down the elevator shaft
(and giving her mom a heart attack in the process)
 Jared was quite nervous during the tour and thought it was a freaky/scary place.  Kamryn had no fear and went to the edge of everything!

Makes a handsome little construction worker

Here's Kamryn near the edge of the roof
she was actually right at the edge when I told her to get away from the edge

The kids up on the roof

While we were out for the tour Paul was taking his own pictures
for the weekly report he sends to the owners

We're out on the roof of the hospital which is 4 stories
Paul taking more pictures of the work

Paul inspecting

This is a cool piece of equipment -
temporary heater
It was super hot standing in front of it

Taylor taking his turn on the fork-lift

Jared and Kamryn taking a break 
 It was really cool to see what Paul has been in charge of for almost a year.  It will be cool to go back when it is finished to see it all done before it is open to the public.


Paige said...

SO COOL!! It's awesome that you got to wear the hats and vests and even try the forklift! What a fun feildtrip!

The Martin Family said...

Fun tour and I love the view!