Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh how i LOVE this man!
He really is my everything
I would be lost without him
He's the ONLY one I can be my real self with
good or bad

that he is a hard worker
sometimes too hard

he's a great dad
who supports his kids in all they do

he LOVES to have fun

i LOVE his smile!

i LOVE spending time with him and our kids
especially up at Brighton

i LOVE that he's just a big kid

i LOVE that he LOVES me 

i LOVE hanging out with my crazy boy
we have so much fun together

i LOVE golfing with him
our favorite date

LOVE to be outside with him

LOVE that we can be silly together
and LOVE that we both LOVE football
and the UTES

i LOVE that he is all about family and
that he works hard to provide for all of us
i LOVE that he can go to church in this crazy outfit
(we were at the cabin and he forgot his white shirt)

i LOVE and am so jealous that he
excels at sleeping

I wish I could spend as much time with him as his work gets him, but those days will come :)
To my Valentine - i love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Paige said...

So sweet!