Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Justin's late 16th birthday post

Justin is 16 NOW!

I wish I could say this picture was taken on his birthday but it wasn't. It was taken exactly a week later but he is wearing the Utah shirt we gave him for his birthday.

Justin's birthday was pretty lame, although we did things the whole week of his birthday that we counted as part of celebrating his birthday. I kept asking him what he wanted to do, if he wanted to have a party - no. He finally came up with a couple of things (unfortunately there are NO pictures of any of these events, I must have totally shut my brain down last week due to being in denial of him turning 16):
*On Monday, the 3rd, the day before his actual birthday, we had a nice dinner as a family at home and then watched SNL's "Presidential Bash." That is what he wanted to do so we did it. He also opened the lame presents that we got him - the Utah shirt and a Utah hat, a $15 iTunes giftcard, new earphones for his iPod, 3 boxes of his favorite sugar cereals. I keep telling him his car insurance is a HUGE present.
*On Tuesday, his actual birthday, we had what he requested for dinner "chicken con queso", a good frozen dinner from Sam's Club. Both of his grandparents came over to visit him and gave him nice cards with money inside.
*On Thursday night I put on a nice spread of football food at my parents' home while we watched the Utah-TSU game. Justin said the ending to that game was a great present.
*On Friday, the main celebration, we went to see the new Madagascar movie and had dinner at Bajio. This was all Justin's idea. Now seeing the movie was special because we rarely go to movies at a first run theater and NEVER on opening day.
*On Saturday I took him to lunch at Subway and dessert at McDonalds. And I still owe him a winter clothes shopping trip. So all in all, hopefully not bad of a birthday but still kind of lame.

Justin is a great young man and I love him very much. He's great to have around and I really enjoy his sense of humor. I love watching him with Jared and Kamryn - he's a great big brother to them. I love the friendship he has with Brooke. ( We keep telling him to be nicer to Taylor). I am grateful that Justin makes good decisions (most of the time) and the he is doing well his first (real) year of high school.


Stephanie said...

That sounds like an AWESOME birthday to me! :)

The Egg Basket said...

Congratulations to you and your son for making it this far... and... best of luck getting even further. :)

Susan Byers said...

nice tribute.