Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Brand New Year

I attended the taping of A Brand New Year last night with Justin, Brooke and 3 other young women from our ward. We got there early enough that we had good seats on the floor section. There were a ton of people there so we didn't try to meet up with the rest of our ward. I guess that was a good thing because I heard they didn't even get in and ended up going home.
I thought the program was very good and I especially enjoyed Elder Holland's talk at the beginning. The music was a little cheesy during the rest of the program but I liked it. Unfortunately our jaded youth didn't really get into it and called it "Mormon Musical." Deep down I think they really liked it, it was just too long.

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Paige said...

Our ward didn't get in, and ended up in the assembly hall, but the video and sound weren't working, so it was upside down and backwards and no sound. I was there, too, but in the basement of the tabernacle, so I didn't see the show, but fought the traffic.