Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jury Duty

I received that infamous summons in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
It was for one of the worst weeks possible, of course.
I called last Friday after five to see if I had to go in - and I did, of course.
So, Monday morning I got up extra early to get in my exercise before getting ready and then took Trax downtown to the SL City Court. I felt like a real grown up for a day - commuting and going to work. It was fine for a day but I'm sure grateful I don't have to do that every day.
Justin stayed home from school to watch Jared and Kamryn (he volunteered and I figured he knows if he can afford to miss school or not).
I was called along with 43 other people to fill 8 jury spots - 4 jurors each for 2 trials. Pretty good odds of not getting picked. They split us up into two groups and my group went into the courtroom (after waiting almost two hours) to begin the jury selection process with the judge and attorney. The defendant was representing himself. He was charged with trespassing on a dwelling and public intoxication.
The judge asked the group several questions and if you answered yes then he further questioned you on that specific question. The only one that I answered yes to was "Do you for whatever reason, NOT drink alchohol?" I figure that was my go free card because I wasn't picked to be on the jury. I was relieved to not have to spend the rest of the day there but it also would have been interesting to hear the case. I'm so curious to know how it turned out. I was paid my $18.50 for going in and am now safe from jury duty for 2 years (except in a federal court).

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Janice said...

I was picked for jury duty a few years ago and was 6 months pregnant. When asked if for some reason, I couldn't sit for longer than 4 hours at time, I raised my hand and said, "I have to go to the bathroom every hour at least." I was let go immediately.