Thursday, January 11, 2007

So, what do you do ...

Yesterday morning Taylor asked me, "So, what do you do all day, anyway?"
I told him a big long list of things and I'm not sure he really believed me. Here's the list
1. Get up at 5:45 to exercise with my friend Cynthia
2. Read in the Book of Mormon
3. Get kids up and off to school
4. Clean up the living room again
5. Whatever it is on the list - pay bills, read emails, dishes, projects, make bed, shower, clean - before Jared and Kamryn wake up.
6. Once Jared and Kamryn are up a lot of my time is devoted to them - feeding, changing diapers, getting them dressed, cleaning up their messes, putting on "Tele guys" (as Kamryn calls them), getting them out of trouble (yesterday it was getting into Brooke's room and her hair spray, body spray and deodorant).
7. When they go down for their naps (which used to be a good 2-3 hours but this week they've only slept for an hour which just kills me) then I hurry to try and get a few more things done from the list.
8. Clean up the living room again.
9. Make dinner
10. When big kids get home busy with them and their homework and driving them to practices, sports, activities, scouts, etc.
11. Have dinner - now this is actually a rarity it seems but one of my goals is to do better about having dinner regularly (more than once a week) with whoever is home at dinnertime.
12. Go to young women's, basketball games, volleyball practice or tournament, meetings, book club, RS, etc depending on the night.
13. Put Jared and Kamryn to bed - which is usually too late, like around 9:00 or 10:00.
14. Clean up the living room - again!
15. Fall into bed exhausted.
One day a week (usually more) throw in doing laundry all day.
Other days there are errands to run.
What do you do all day?

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friend paige said...

You get up way too early, my friend. Way to go! Thanks for posting this, as it makes my day seem so much more fun than yours!