Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sandwich Generation

I'm truly feeling a part of the "sandwich generation" these days. That's where you are raising your young children and at the same time caring for your aging parents. In my case, it's raising the 1 1/2 yr old twins that takes up most of my time and the aging parents are Paul's. His dad had a heart attack at the end of Oct and had 2 stints put in. His mom fell in Dec and broke her femur and had major surgery to repair the leg. She is still recovering and is in a wheelchair at home and cannot put any wait on the broken leg. She goes back to the ortho doc tomorrow to see if she can start putting some wait on it. And then Paul's dad had a quadruple bypass yesterday at LDS Hospital. He is doing pretty good today and they moved him out of ICU. He will be in the hospital another 5 days and then at home recuperating for 3-6 weeks (6 weeks no driving).
I spent a few hours there yesterday and today staying with Carolyn. That's the best assignment for me because I can take Jared and Kamryn there (not a good idea to take them to the hospital for LOTS of reasons). Jared and Kamryn love playing there and it's a great boost for their grammy. They were very good down there today and even watched Teletubbies with her. I've been trying to cook dinner more regularly so that I can take them the extra that I make. My house has gone to pot but that's okay.

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