Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Kamryn is really starting to get into everything. These pictures were taken at the cabin after she had fun with a marker. We showed her how she looked in the mirror and she smiled. She's going to be my little trouble maker.

She also got into some of our carpet cleaner and poured over 2 cups in one spot on the living room carpet. Concentrated cleaner does not make for a clean carpet. Now there is a big dirt spot in that area.
Yesterday when I was at Kohl's with Brooke Paul thought that Jared and Kamryn were being awfully good (all mom's know that means trouble). Jared came walking in the front room and something was in his hair and on his hands. Then Kamryn came in covered from head to toe in LOTION. As he was telling me about it on the phone I couldn't help laughing. Too bad he didn't take pictures.

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Ashley Harris said...

Lisa, this is too funny. I can only imagine how it came off. Well hope all is well with you and the fam. Take care!