Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grocery shopping with twins

So, today I decided to do something crazy and go and do a big shopping with Jared and Kamryn. We went to Macey's for 2 reasons: 1 - they had a lot of good things on sale and 2- they have great carts for twins - the car type with two steering wheels and they sit up high by me.
Amazingly it went pretty well. Of course we bought some club crackers and peanut butter M & Ms that were not on the list to snack on while we shopped. And it took two carts, one of them overflowing by the end. Thank goodness for awesome customer service at Macey's: for the stocker who picked up a couple of frozen items that Jared and Kamryn threw out, for the nice checker who watched my first cart while I filled up the 2nd cart, for the very nice older gentleman who bagged my groceries and did just as I asked and put the frozen stuff in paper bags and put them in the car last so I could get them out first.
So if I paid a little more at Macey's than SuperWalmart it's okay because the customer service and the cart were worth it!

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