Monday, November 10, 2014

What the HECK Utah?

 Saturday night was a home game for Utah.  We were hosting the Oregon Ducks - ranked #4 in the nation.  Paul was really excited for the game.  I didn't have much hope going into the game.  But its a lot of fun to be there.  We lucked out with awesome weather again - a beautiful fall day kept the temperatures warm so it was still not too cold for the 8:00 pm start.

The Utes came out strong and scored first.  
Here we are at the end of the first quarter when it was 7-0 for the Utes.

Then the big BONEHEAD play of the century - dropping the ball on the 1 yard line thinking you've scored a touchdown and letting Oregon run it back for a touchdown.  It was a 14 point turnaround and huge game changer.  It was just sickening and hard to get over.  Good thing its just a game.

Cool half time display honoring veterans and the military

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