Thursday, November 13, 2014

Days for Girls Service Night

Last night was our big service night for Days for Girls.  We had 2 wards and invited both the Relief Society women and the Young Women.  We had such a great turnout and it was so awesome to see all these sisters gathered for such a great cause.  Go here to learn more about Days for Girls.

There's nothing most women like more than to sit and work and do something useful and chat at the same time.

 Ann Lewis, the Utah Valley chapter founder, speaking to our group about how Days for Girls came about and lots of inspiring and also sad information about the girls that receive these kits.

It was so cool to look at the whole back wall filled with sewing machines and a sister at each machine sewing away.

The young women were also touched by what they learned and many are planning to continue on this project to make it a personal progress project, just what I was hoping for.

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The Martin Family said...

Loved that service project! Way to get that started!!