Monday, November 10, 2014


Halloween was on Friday this year! Yeah!  After subbing and working the schools a lot I think Halloween should be changed so that its always celebrated on the last Friday of October.
I helped to plan the 4th grade Halloween party.  It was pretty low key but the kids seemed to have fun.
art teacher at our school
super great costume

Kamryn eating her donut off a string

playing Halloween twister

some of the teachers at our school

Jared and Kamryn's kindergarten teacher
she is the perfect person to dress up as Mary Poppins
because she is practically perfect in every way

these 2 5th grade boys made for pretty cute girls

Jared as a dementor

Kamryn as Hermione

About a month before Halloween I asked the kids if they'd rather go trick or treating or go to the cabin. They picked the cabin. They said they'd been trick-o-treating 8 times and they could miss it.  So we invited a few friends and their families to join us.  We had a pizza party and carved/painted pumpkins.  And then frosted Halloween sugar cookies.  It was a fun time and a nice change.  Best part was not having all of that candy left around the house and not having to buy any.

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