Monday, November 10, 2014

Taylor's Eagle Court

Taylor finished his Eagle Scout project over a year ago.  And then life got crazier and we just could never get the paperwork finished.  We finally got it finished this past summer and then it was impossible to find a date to do his court of honor.  Finally, we had it last night :)

invite for the court of honor
 It was a great evening!  We kept the program short and sweet 30 minutes but still really nice.  Lots of nice words were said about Taylor - its not hard, he's an awesome young man.  He had a lot of people there to support him.  Justin put together a fun slideshow of Taylor years growing up in scouts.  And then we had funny refreshments at Taylor's request - a variety of OREOs.  (plus some additional homemade yummy treats too).

to Taylor

Taylor with his Granddad and mom

Taylor with some of his good friends that came

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