Thursday, November 06, 2014


For our lesson for FHE this past Monday Paul talked to the kids about prayer, specifically about how important it is to say your own personal prayers. At the end of the lesson he challenged them to really work hard on saying their own prayers.  We also talked about what you could pray for and we brought up the lost iPad.  They've been unable to find the iPad for about a month. I told them that would be a good thing to pray for.  I talked to them experiences I've had asking Heavenly Father to help me find something and that usually he puts a thought in my head of where I should look.  I told them they need to recognize that the thought comes from Heavenly Father.
So every morning and night they've been saying their prayers.  When I picked them up from school on Tuesday Jared told me he was doing good on the challenge and had said 3 prayers that day :)
Tonight we were talking about the challenge again and how its going. We also talked about their search for the iPad and that they hadn't found it yet.  We were sitting in the living room - where we sit every night for scriptures and prayer.  Suddenly Kamryn says "it could be in the couches or chairs" and she starts feeling down in the cushions and in the 2nd chair she checks she FOUND THE iPAD!!
In Jared's words "it was amazing"
What a great teaching opportunity for our family.


The Martin Family said...

Shut the front found the IPAD!!!!!
What a great lesson for your family. They will never forget that.

Susan Byers said...

I love stories like that!