Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Several weeks ago Jared and Kamryn noticed the sign for the city Thanksgiving 5k.  They said they wanted to do it.  I thought that would be fun.  We didn't register and did it "bandit" style.  The night before they weren't sure if they really wanted to do it but in the morning they both woke up ready to run.

At the start of the race

 Jared took off at the beginning of the race so it was just me and Kamryn for the first part of the race.

We finally caught up to Jared but it was a real run to do it

Cute Natalie Parkin helping with the course

 I had to full on sprint the whole finish to get there before Jared so I could get photos of him finishing

Jared finished strong and did the race in about 40 min

our friends the Geurts

Kamryn coming in strong to finish too

they were really proud of themselves

saw my exercise buddy with her kids

my friend Joni was a great help to let Kamryn stay with her while I went ahead with Jared
After the race the kids said they were thirsty and I said we could get a drink at the finish.  We walked over there but then Jared said "I'm too happy to wait in line - let's just go home."

It was a lot of fun to do that with my kids and they're already talking about doing it again next year.

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