Monday, November 17, 2014

Taylor's Eagle Court

Taylor finished his Eagle Scout Project over a year ago. That's the easy part.  Then he had to do the paperwork - that's the hard part.
Finally we got it all done and turned in and then tried to find a date to hold his eagle court.  We had it last Sunday evening at our church.

the invite

mother's scarf with 2 stars, and space for one more

Jim Geurts paying a nice tribute to Taylor
He was the main scout master for Taylor

getting his Eagle pin

giving the pins to his parents

giving his mom a scout hug

2 good looking eagle scouts

proud parents

Bart Fisher is the Young Men's president
He gave the Eagle Challenge

Duane Whiting introducing the Eagle Board

Taylor uncovering his name

What a great scout!!

Taylor with his granddad

Taylor with Duane Whiting and Scott Nielsen
Scout committee members
It was a great program - short and sweet, just how we like them.  Taylor had several friends come to support him.


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The Martin Family said...

That is a huge accomplishment! Way to go Taylor...and Lisa! :)