Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mother-Daughter Activity

Our awesome activity days leaders planned a super fun activity up at Storm Mountain in the canyon.  Of course when you plan an outdoor activity, it has to rain :(
But it turned out okay because we moved the activity to our cabin and it all turned out great.
We had the best tinfoil dinners I've ever had (because they were baked in the oven)
and had fun roasting marshmellows in the fireplace to make smores.

We had fun making matching mother-daughter bracelets

Jared "had" to come to the all girl activity
but I think he secretly had a lot of fun
and even made his own cool skull bracelet

After dinner we had a special treat of having Ann Butler
teach us some cool camp songs.  
She does the best songs ever!

The girls wearing their cute bracelets

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The Martin Family said...

Fun! Looks like it turned out great!