Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Awesome Concert

I didn't even know Keith Urban was coming in concert until a few weeks before - when I drove by a billboard downtown advertising his concert.  I called Susan to see if she wanted to go and she said sure, we should treat ourselves!  The only bad thing about getting tickets so late was they weren't the best seats but that was ok.
It was a great venue, Usana Outdoor amphitheater.  I love going to concerts outside. It was perfect weather and such an interesting place to people watch.  There were 2 opening acts and we missed the first one.  I told Susan I couldn't take that much country music.  I love Keith Urban but don't really love country music.  Keith is way more a rocker than most people realize.

a view from out seats

i'm really bad at selfies

it was hard to get a good picture with my phone
 Keith puts on an awesome concert!  I would definitely go again!!  The coolest thing he did was bring a girl up on stage when he saw her sign that it was her 16th birthday.  He took a selfie with her - best birthday present ever!

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