Monday, September 29, 2014

A Rainy Night

Normally I'm a pretty fair weather fan so I don't know what possessed me to go to the Utah game in the rain!  It turned out to be pretty fun - it was an adventure.  We were prepared and stayed dry for the most part.  We found out we're lucky we sit on the east side - we sit up high by the wall and are blocked from the wind pretty much.  We weren't too cold,except for Justin at the end of the game, his teeth were chattering.  It was crazy to look around and see some people without any rain gear and they were just soaking wet.
Now about the game - it started out awesome - 21-0 at the end of the first quarter with some exciting big plays. By the end it just STANK - we lost by one point 27-28.  We sat through the rain for that??

the 2 guys in the red utah ponchos were so annoying
they stood up almost the whole game right in front of us
why couldn't they go down a few rows where everybody was standing

Jadon and Kyson were also at the game
in awesome seats on the 50 yard line

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