Thursday, September 18, 2014

Days for Girls

My friend Jenny and I went to the coolest service project day for Days for Girls today in Orem.  My friend Julianne sent me a email about this awesome group a couple of months ago and I thought it was such a great idea.  I couldn't do anything about it until just a couple of weeks ago and when I called Ann Lewis and learned more about the organization I got really excited about this service opportunity.
Days for Girls is a worldwide organization providing feminine hygiene kits to girls in Africa and other areas in need of help.  When girls are having their period they are not able to go to school because they do not have any products to deal with their blood flow.  Most stay home from school for a week and sit on cardboard in their room and just bleed.  They eventually drop out of school because they fall too far behind.
These kits provide pads and liners made from 100% cotton and flannel that are reusable.  The kits are put together and also include a pair of underwear, a washcloth and soap.  These kits last for about 3 years and keep these girls in school.
It was so cool to go to this project work day and meet so many women working in the Utah Valley chapter.  There was so much work to do.  This chapter meets every 3rd Thursday in Orem at a stake center.
You can even find Days for Girls on Pinterest.
Our ward young women and Relief Society are having a project night on November 12.  Come join us and help us on this very worthwhile and awesome activity.

several different stations are set up for all the different tasks involved in the kits

There's cutting, ironing, pattern tracing, sewing, surging

flannel laid out waiting to be cut

flannel is on sale at JoAnn's this week for only $2.99/yd
go buy some to donate to the cause

kids were there with their moms and grandmas

Ann Lewis, one of the organizers of the Utah Valley chapter
she's in the apron

a sewing station set up to sew the liners

photos all around the room of the beautiful girls who have received these kits

one of the ironing stations

measuring and cutting fabric for the drawstring bags

cutting out the pre-marked patterns for the shields

cutting out the barrier that goes in the liners/pads

squares where the corners are cut off and end up in a stop sign shape
sewn right sides together, turned, top stitched and become the liners/pads
 This is the coolest project and I'm so excited to get involved 
and have our service night!

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