Friday, September 12, 2014

Asking to Homecoming

Taylor is such a great young man - he asks girls to the dances!!!
He's known all summer who he was going to ask to homecoming.
Right after school started I found out one of our YW had been asked that weekend. 
 I told Taylor he better ask soon because I knew the girl he was planning to ask was going to get asked more than once.
So I saw this bag of GRAPE frooties at the store 
and started thinking about how to use that to ask to the dance
This is what we came up with:

Inside the bag, which we carefully slit open and then put the words over the slit so it looked like it had never been open, we put word strips in the candies and rolled them back up.  There were like 50 names of Disney characters that could be asking to the dance and then Taylor's name.
I drove him to drop it on her door and then he rang the doorbell and ran - we found out later from her mom that it was surprising that her 12 yr old twin brothers didn't chase him down.

 A few nights later this is how she answered him.  All the items were laid out on the porch.  Taylor knows me very well and laid them out the same way on the table so I could see them since I wasn't home when she answered.  Smart boy!


Now hopefully I'll have some pictures from the dance and activity to follow up with :)

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Susan Byers said...

How fun!