Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Setting Apart

Justin's farewell dinner at Golden Corral
Missionaries get to eat for free there the day before they enter the MTC
My parents and Paul's dad were able to join us

a happy and satisfied Elder

hanging out
while Justin met with Pres Stringham

Justin's little angel sister

Jared catching a little snooze while we wait

the wonderful brethren
who were in the circle to set apart Justin

Justin with his Shingleton grandparents

Justin and Grandpa Adams

Two wonderful men

Justin with proud mama

Justin with his siblings

Justin with his very proud parents

We've been home just a little bit from Justin's setting apart and I'd like to jot down a few things to remember what was said and what happened tonight.
When we first got to the stake center Pres Stringham met with Justin in his office while I had a few moments to lose it. Then when we were all gathered together Pres Stringham counseled our family and gave us good advice and testimony. The spirit was very strong in the room and actually very comforting. Pres Stringham then called on several of us to say something. He called on Brooke, Grandpa Adams, Grandma Shingleton, Bishop Hinckley, Paul and me.
Brooke wasn't prepared to be called on and didn't say too much. We all know she's really going to miss her big brother.
Grandpa Adams talked about how proud he is of Justin and glad that he has chosen to serve a mission.
Grandma is also very proud of him and hopes that she will still be here to see him come home. She was a little emotional and that is not something my kids have probably ever seen.
The bishop talked about our family and how important our nightly scripture study and family prayers have been.
Dad told him how much we're going to miss him and that's been a great son and easy child to raise. He shared how important it was that Justin decided on his own and made his own decision to go on a mission.
I of course cried but really only to begin with. I talked about how much I'll miss him esp since we've spent so much time together the last 6 months. I talked about how funny he is and how much he makes me laugh. I commented on what a good companion he will be and I think he'll probably get some difficult companions because his president will find that he is very easy going and very laid back, in a good way.
Pres Stringham gave him a wonderful blessing when he set him apart. Some of the few things that I remember now:
  • he blessed him to have good health and be able to sleep
  • he blessed him to be able to learn the language
  • he talked a lot about the people who are being prepared to be taught the gospel by Elder Adams

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Paige said...

Oh, you are making me cry. You are strong. You are a wonderful mother, and you are a good example for those of us who will follow soon sending our sons on missions.