Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Big Day

weighing in Wed morning
187 lbs

checking the weight on his big bag
over by about 7 lbs

dad checking the weight on the smaller bag
just under

all lined up, ready to go

last family photo in front of our house
(thanks Noel)

my great kids at the Provo Temple grounds

Kamryn with her missionary brother

Elder Adams with his brother Jared

Elder Adams and his brother Taylor

Elder Adams with his beautiful sister, Brooke

Elder Adams with his dad

Elder Adams with his mom
(notice she's trying to hold on tight)

Elder Adams with his very proud parents

Elder Adams
(I love the sound of that)

another family photo,
just before heading over to the MTC

time for hugs goodbye

the weather was cold and a little dreary
with little snowflakes falling down

heading to the car to go across the street to the MTC

she's really going to grow up while he's gone

I love this one
(but at the same time it really breaks my heart)

the drop off went so much better than I expected it would. This new system the MTC has in place is actually a good thing and so much easier, I'm sure. He was met by his host missionary - who's leaving to go to Germany the day after Christmas. We had a big family hug all together and then he was gone. For 2 years.


Janice said...

I got very teary reading this. Go Adams family. You are all in my prayers today.

The Martin Family said...

Perfect post! The last pic is killer! :(
Those pics will be such a treasure!

Susan Byers said...

LOVE the last picture! The two years will fly by!

Paige said...

How are you holding up?