Monday, December 05, 2011

My Favorite Things

Stacie's favorite - Harry & David cookies
(they are oh so YUMMY!)

I found this really cute idea for a party on Pinterest. You can read about it at this blog.
I suggested to my good friends that we try this for our annual Christmas party. We have been doing this party for at least 30 years and we've always rotated names and given one nice gift to one other person. Everyone was game to change it up this year and try the My Favorite Things party.
I sent out invitations on Evite (cuz its a busy time of year and they're easy) and gave everyone the info: bring 6 of your favorite thing, not spending more than $6 on the favorite item. And then you'll give everyone there one of your favorite things and at the end each person will have 6 favorite things from everyone at the party (I always feel like I don't explain this very well).
Since I suggested the change in format I also volunteered (or got volunteered) to host the party at my house. I was glad to do this (what a great way to make sure you get your house cleaned and decorated early for the holidays) and had fun setting a nice table and planning our dinner. I decided to keep it really simple and just have people bring their favorite salads, appetizer, drinks and dessert. I got my favorite Lion House rolls to go with the salads.

After dinner and lots of great relaxing and discussion, we exchanged our favorite things. Missing from the picture are the butterscotch squares that Charri brought because they were all eaten before I took this picture. And Stacie's cookies didn't get in this picture cuz I had the cookies hidden for me and then remembered to get them out for the picture. It was so fun to see what everyone brought and we all agreed we'd like to do it again (I already know what I want to do next).

This was what I shared for my favorite thing:
softlips (can't live without it)
Christmas memories sachet from Gardner Village
(it smells so good)
I actually gave out the Silver spruce sachet to my friends
(which also smells divine)

What a beautiful group of WONDERFUL ladies.
I am SO LUCKY to have such GREAT friends.

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