Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Festivus

We've been having lots of fun this holiday season (shh, don't tell Justin).
Here are some photos of what we've been doing:

Brooke and her kindergarten friend

Taylor with his kindergarten friend, and buddy Matt

For our Christmas service project the youth in our ward use their own money to shop at the dollar store for gifts for these kindergarten kids. They wrap them and then this past Monday we all went to deliver them and spend the morning with the kindergarten class. Our youth did a few centers with the kids: making an ornament, frosting cookies, and reading books. Then they opened their presents and even had a special visit from Santa.

Kamryn at the quilting activity

Jared tossing in some tortillas

Kamryn driving the delivery truck

Kamryn taking a turn to do spanish dancing

Jared and Kamryn helped to build Nephi's boat
and then did some fishing

Taylor and Brooke trying to beat each other at the computer games

On Tuesday we went downtown to go to the Church's History Museum. We got the great idea from my friend Jenny. After looking at her pictures I thought it would be fun for us to go too. I was glad Brooke and Taylor were willing to come with us. We all enjoyed the fun activities they have on the children's floor.

Our friend, Barry Wallace
at the live nativity

Kathryn Ramirez at her market in Bethlehem

the luminaries lighting the way to the stable

three wise men

the nativity

the shepherds and the wise men visiting
the baby Jesus

the shepherds
(Taylor and his fellow young men)

My good friend, Desiree, is our stake's cultural arts specialist. She has had this vision to do a live nativity and she pulled it off this year. With lots of help and support the evening turned out so amazing. It was really neat to take our family back in time to visit Bethlehem.

Brooke, Kamryn and Jared frosting cookies

We always make sugar cookies for Christmas. This year we made them a few days early so we could fix up a package to take down to Justin and his district in the MTC. Everyone in our family helped to frost and decorate the cookies. I actually drove down to Provo yesterday so I could take advantage of the BYU same day delivery to the MTC that is so much cheaper than sending it from up here.


Kamryn and Brooke playing tag

Kamryn playing at Bouncing Off the Walls

Group sing along with Santa

lots of the Jones cousins having fun with Santa

Taylor and Jadon

Jared and Kamryn waiting patiently to talk to Santa

Jared talking to santa
he told him he wanted some transformers

Kamryn talking to Santa
first she told him she wanted a real puppy
but mom said no way
so then she told Santa to surprise her

We even got Taylor to chat with Santa
he also requested a surprise

Jared going down the giant slide

Every year the extended Jones family party is at Bouncing Off the Walls. Its a lot of fun for everyone to play on the inflatables and then we have food and a visit from Santa.

Christmas in the Village
Today we made an impromptu visit to Gardner Village (so I didn't have my camera with me). It was me and all 4 kids. We did the elf scavenger hunt and found all of the elves. Then we went to get the prize at Sweet Afton's. I highly recommend this activity, lots of fun for us.

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Paige said...

LoVE the Church History Museum. We could spend hours there. Looks like you've had a LOT of fun.