Monday, December 05, 2011

New Christmas Favorites

this is my little tree filled with ornaments that my mom has given me every year since Paul and I got married. its in a different spot every year - this year its right next to the front door. It was really fun decorating it with Jared, Kamryn and Taylor and telling them about each ornament and what it meant. There are ornaments from each year that my kids were born, some from when we lived far away and even one from the year I ran a marathon.

the ornament at the top of the tree is this years new ornament. When I opened it, it was just a little shocking to see BYU. If you look at the smaller print it says Aspen Grove, which is where we went on a family trip this summer. Thank goodness she gave us one with the red trim!

this is my new Christmas quilt. I made it over a year ago but just barely finished sewing on the binding so I could hang it up this year.

its hanging in the kitchen with my favorite snowmen :)

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*****Love and Lady Bug***** said...

Wow, that quilt is beautiful!