Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy 70th to my Dad

My dad's 70th birthday was on Dec 9th.
We hadn't planned a big birthday party like we did for his 60th.
We wanted to do something so the day before our regular fast Sunday dinner
we came up with something.
We got the idea on Pinterest
to do the 70 made up of pictures of my dad.
Amazingly, we got it all put together in one day.
And then decided to surprise our dad.

the girls table

each fast sunday we get together at my parents
for december we all had dinner there
so my dad had no idea we were planning anything
it was my sister's birthday that day
so we didn't say anything about dad's birthday during dinner

with over 30 people in the family
there's not enough room in the kitchen
so some of the grandkids get to eat in the TV room

while everyone was eating I snuck in the living room
to put up the 70 and then bring in the balloons
that we had all hidden downstairs.
then my sister snuck in and put up all the letters
everyone had written to my dad

he was really surprise when he came in the living room to visit after dinner
here he is with some of the grandkids

doesn't my dad look great ?!!

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Susan Byers said...

Once again, good job!