Monday, December 12, 2011

Justin's Farewell

Elder Jordy Osborne
Elder Justin Adams

Sunday, Dec 11 was a combined farewell for Justin and Jordy. They've known each other since they were five but have only been in the same ward for the last 3 years, since our boundaries were realigned. Justin leaves on the 14th and Jordy leaves on Dec 28 so it worked out for them to have a combined farewell.
Both elders did such an amazing job on their talks. They both gave really good, well thought-out and prepared talks on the sermon on the mount. Brooke played a beautiful piano arrangement of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, with a little Lord of the Rings mixed in :)
After the meeting we had an open house at my parent's house. They were very nice to let us have it at their house, since we really don't have room to have that many people at our house.
It was so much fun to see so many good friends and have family there to support Justin and our family. Thanks so much to my sister Susan for being in charge of the kitchen and for all of her work. Thanks also to Julianne, Mackenzie and Jenny for helping in the kitchen. And thanks to all the wonderful people who brought food over for the yummy feast.

a very proud mom
with her handsome missionary son

check out all that good food

I love this shot of Jared and his cousins eating lunch

Kamryn, me and my mom

so fun to have so many great friends and family come

a tired daddy

susan was such an amazing help for the whole event
she helped me clean my mom's house, helped me set up and
worked hard all day making sure the open house ran smoothly
and kept everything stocked and organized
even at the end she made up goodie plates
with the desserts that were left

my wonderful 3 teenagers
although it is hard to get a good picture of all 3 of them

one of the hardest parts of thinking of Justin leaving
is the change that it is going to start in our family
its never going to be the same again :(

Trying to get Katie to give Justin a hug good-bye.
a picture was all we could get.

PS for more pictures check out the album on facebook


The Martin Family said...

It was a great meeting and a fun feast. You know how to throw a party! What an amazing family you have!!!

Paige said...

It was GREAT. I was very impressed with both talks, and that Brooke played that piano piece. Such a wonderful day! Good luck with the drop off and saying goodbye. He's a son you can be proud of!