Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Day of School, Part 2

Two new kindergarteners!

They have been so excited for this day.
They had a countdown calendar the whole summer.
And there is only one downside to afternoon preschool -
its a super long morning waiting for the first day of school.

My mom gave Kamryn and Jared these outfits for the first day of school.
Her grandma gave her an outfit for the first day of school and
then my grandma gave me an outfit
and now she is carrying on that same tradition.

Kamryn and Jared at their school.

Waiting for the bell to ring.

Lined up waiting to go in to their classroom.

I can't believe this but I actually had to fight back the tears. I've never cried before when the older kids have started kindergarten but since these are my babies it was a little harder to let them go. I'm really going to lose it next year when they are gone all day.
I'll tell you that those hours that they are at school are the shortest hours EVER. I felt like it had been about 5 minutes when it was time to go and pick them up. They came out of their classroom with big smiles on their faces and were excited to tell me about their day. When they were telling their teacher good-bye, Kamryn gave her a big hug. That says a lot about their teacher. Its going to be a great year.


The Martin Family said...

Kamryn's dress is SO CUTE! I am so glad they are loving it. Yes, I agree....Kindergarten is too short!

Susan Byers said...

How fun! Except for the short class schedule, I LOVE kindergarten!