Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Soccer Recruits

Today was Jared and Kamryn's first day
playing on their new soccer teams.
They have been very excited about this day
and have been counting down all summer.

Jared picked # 8 because that's how old you are when you get baptized.
Kamryn picked # 5 because she's 5.

Justin is helping out with coaching Jared's team.
He did a great job working with the boys.

Stretching and getting warmed up.
After a little team meeting, the boys decided to have their team name be

Brooke is also helping me coach Kamryn's team.
The girls decided to be the Purple Ponies.

Kamryn struggled during her first game.
In the first quarter she got the ball in her face
and wanted to go out and then didn't want to come back in.
There are only 4 girls on her team and they play 3 on 3
so Kamryn had to play most of the game.
She did okay and got after the ball a lot.
Hopefully she will learn to like the game.

Jared really got into the game and had a smile on his face the whole time.
He is just like his brothers and is a fringe player.
He runs around the bunch, out on the fringe.
He did get several kicks in and was happy to play.


Susan Byers said...

They look so little and cute!

Paige said...

Purple ponies! Love it. John's team name is the Lava Monsters. Go figure.

The Martin Family said... season. Time to live at the fields every Saturday. Good luck! They are cuties!!!