Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Busy busy

This summer has been so busy, as usual.

*The week after we got back from Florida most of our family went to youth conference. It was fun to go with our 3 teenagers. I went to help out since most of the YW leaders couldn't go. Since Paul is in the bishopric he also went up for the first day. We all had a great time (pictures to come soon)

**We enjoyed the annual Butlerville Days parade and carnival at the park. Jared and Kamryn are old enough to really get into going on all the blow up rides at the park. We had a great time hanging out with our friends and then watching the fireworks. (no pictures coming soon since my camera is broken)

***Last week the kids and i spent a couple of days up at the cabin. It was a great get away. We were joined up there by my aunt and her family one day, another uncle was up there working on the deck and then my friend and her son hung out with us one day. We had a lot of great rainstorms while we were up there and it was so nice to have some cooler weather.

****today the boys helped me with a project in our yard. I've been working in our yard a lot this summer. I get a lot more satisfaction out of that than working inside the house. It was so great to get this project finished and just look at and see it all finished (I wish i could have taken before and after pictures to share)

*****after we finished the project I took all of the kids to see "How to Train Your Dragon" It was a cute show and Kamryn was wrapped around me most of the time. Jared was very into it.

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