Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new baby

This is my new baby, no name yet.

We've had her for almost a month and I love her (for some reason, its a her).
We bought our new van in July after our last van died in the Costco parking lot (and we sold it the next day out of that parking lot after one hour on KSL).
Paul is definitely spoiling me with this van - it is a Dodge Grand Caravan SXT and has almost all the upgrades possible. It has dual screen DVD and so much more. The coolest thing for me is the auto-power liftgate - that is the best thing ever invented!
We broke the van in right away and took it to youth conference.
Just this last weekend we took our whole family down to Pine Valley. It was a great road trip, thanks to this great van. Time goes by so much faster and there's no fighting when all the kids are watching a movie. The only downside to that is Paul doesn't get to listen to as much music as he'd like.
Now I'm looking forward to a few more road trips with the family.


The Martin Family said...

Love it! I want to take a spin in it with you!

Paige said...


Susan Byers said...

New things are so much fun! Dale has the same complaint about not being able listen to music on a road trip.