Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindergarten Assessment

Jared and Kamryn with their kindergarten teacher, Mrs Armstrong

Today was their assessment for kindergarten. It has been since Brooke was in kindergarten that I've had a student do this (Taylor was in AZ and they didn't do that for kindergarten).
Jared and Kamryn were so excited about going to talk to their teacher. I had to remind them to talk loud and not be shy because one on one they are both pretty quiet.
Jared went first and I was sitting at the back of the room filling out papers so I could listen in. He did a great job. She said he's ready to start with their reading books. FUN :)
Kamryn loved playing the in the kitchen area while Jared did his "test" and then it was her turn. She was more quiet and reserved than Jared and hesitated on her answers but also did really well.
Now they have a few more days to wait until the first day of school.

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