Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Paul and his kids at Wasatch Lawn where his mother is buried.
We decided to do our visiting on Sunday when we could all go as a family.

Me with our kids.

Making our own markers at Carolyn's grave because
her marker has not been installed yet.

We got the idea from a nearby grave to make these hearts with the pinecones.

This is Ziggy,
Paul's sister's grandson

Just hanging out at the cemetery with Paul's dad and sister.

Justin looking lost and Kamryn watching him.
Justin had gone to the van to get his Sudoku book because we'd been there a little too long.

After going to Wasatch Lawn we went up to the Salt Lake City cemetery
to find the gravesites of my ancestors.
The easiest one to find is of my mother's parents. I wasn't exactly sure where it was so I told the kids whoever found the marker first got a prize. Justin found it first, along with the rest of the markers we were looking for.

I had to put both of these in just to notice the difference in the kids from one picture to the other. Mostly Paul was trying to get Brooke to really smile. For some reason at about this point she got in a bad mood and wasn't into our little outing.

Paul took this picture just for the view of the U and Mt Olympus.

Me with my mother's maternal grandparents gravesite.

Me with my dad's paternal grandparents gravesite.

Me and the kids at my grandfather's (my dad's dad) gravesite.

It must have been a long and tiring afternoon - Jared and Kamryn crashed out in the backseat.

On Saturday Paul went with his dad to place flowers at the graves of his ancestors. They left at 4:30 am and drove to Panguitch where Paul's dad's grandparents and great-grandparents are buried. From there they went to St George where Paul's maternal grandparents are buried. They then drove to Delta where Paul's dad's parents are buried. They got back home about 5:00 pm. I told Paul he was a saint to do all the driving in one day but he enjoyed it and was glad to spend the time with his dad.

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