Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wasatch Classic Soccer

Just got back from the first half of the Wasatch Classic Soccer Tournament in Kaysville. Taylor is on the U-12 Summer Select team for our AYSO region. This team was formed last fall and has been playing together ever since. They are a great group of boys and a really fun team to watch play together. Their coach is Todd Sullivan and he does such a great job with the boys and they actually listen to him!
Their first game was this morning at 8:00 am which meant we had to leave at 6:30 to get there in time for warm-ups. It was pouring on the way there but stopped just as we got to the field and didn't rain again, thank goodness. They won that game 4-2 and played great for the most part. Taylor did AWESOME and played the best I've even seen him. Their coach gave them a B grade on that game.
We had 2 hours before having to be at the next game so I got Taylor some breakfast and then we went to the mall. He needed new shoes and we went to Sports Authority and spent a bundle on soccer related stuff!
The 2nd game was at noon and it was sunny but still pretty chilly for most of the game. Before the game started Taylor's knee was bothering him so he sat for the first part of the first half and then went in. He again played GREAT and his team won 5 - 1. The coach of the oppposing team told our team that this was the most unselfish and disciplined team he'd ever seen. Quite a compliment!
We head back up there Monday morning to play again at 8:00 and then hopefully into the championship at noon.

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