Sunday, May 16, 2010

Countdown to the Carnival

So, besides counting down to their birthdays, Jared and Kamryn have also been very excited about their big party. Its a carnival theme and its tomorrow in our backyard.
My friend found this cute ferris wheel cake on and it was funny because I'd thought if I did any kind of cake I'd do a ferris wheel one. Brooke and I made this today and hopefully its still standing for the party tomorrow. It was actually fun to make and have it turn out just like the picture.

Kamryn on her actual birthday - it was pretty bright outside.
The dolly was a gift from her grandpa.

Jared on his actual birthday
The teddy bear was a gift from his grandpa.

1 comment:

The Martin Family said...

That is one AWESOME cake! I am very impressed!
Olivia is seriously pacing, waiting for this party to start! She is beyond excited!!!

p.s. Yay, for good weather! Prayer works!