Monday, October 27, 2014

Way to go UTES!!!

It seems like forever between home games for the Utes.  
The last game it was rainy and cold and we lost in the last quarter - that game still hurts.
Saturday night was THE BIG GAME against USC
It was a gorgeous fall night, not cold and just a little windy.

before the game

ready for some football!
 Poor Justin had been home sick all day Friday and Saturday.  We were trying to figure out what to do about the game and him going and he decided he could be sick at the game and just came with us.  He held up pretty well - just didn't scream and yell as much as the rest of us.


 so the UTES pulled out A BIG WIN!!!  in the last 8 seconds they scored a touchdown :)

a majority of the students stormed the field

it was SO MUCH FUN to be there !!!

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