Thursday, October 02, 2014

Pudding Pictionary

For Young Womens this week we were going to go watch one of our YW play on the high school soccer team.  Right before the game it was pouring rain and I had to make the decision whether we were going to go or not.  I decided I didn't want to ask the girls (or be responsible for them) to sit in the rain so we cancelled and went back to our regular Wed night meeting time.  (of course it stopped raining at the beginning of the game but it was still pretty wet and cold)
Since we made that switch we had to come with a new activity - luckily I have awesome leaders who immediately emailed me some ideas.  The girls thought this activity sounded like fun so we went for it.
We used this list here to play.

we had two teams and the girls really got into it

there was lots of screaming and cheering

we did words like baptism, chorister, family tree, girls camp

at first they were all careful and neat but that didn't last too long

In the end, they all got donuts for playing and being good sports :)

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