Saturday, October 11, 2014

Golf GetAway, Part 2

This morning was the 2nd day of our golf getaway 
We were golfing at Wolf Creek in Mesquite
What an amazing course
I was in way over my head

Luckily we were paired up again with 2 really nice gentleman from Canada, Richard and Thomas
I figured out how to make it through 18 holes - I would tee off at the ladies tee and then just work on my short game with chipping near the green and putting.  It worked out perfectly.

It was truly amazing to see this green course in the middle of the desert.  
The contrast was so beautiful

There were some really cool places to tee off

this was so funny to see all these balls stuck right in the rock wall

this was a funny shot - poor Paul hit a nice shot but it rolled off the edge of the green and all the way down this big hill and he ended up just on the edge of the green and had to hit back up the hill

our golfing selfie

we did this a lot on this course
"where's my ball"


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