Friday, October 10, 2014

Golf GetAway, Part 1

Almost a year ago we went to the Huntsman Cancer Fundraiser as part of the Layton Construction table.  There was a silent auction and Paul and I felt like we should bid on something.  We were both looking at everything to bid and came back together and we both had the same idea - let's bid on the Mesquite Golf GetAway package.  We bid on it and we won it. We thought we would go sometime last winter but it just didn't work out and of course we didn't want to go in the summer.  So this fall we knew we had to go before the package expired.  We planned to go this weekend in October.
Its been perfect weather and just so beautiful!  This course has some amazing views!

Paul practicing putting before our tee time

always gotta do those golf selfies

love this guy

our new friends
rich and stephanie
they were so great to golf with and really tried to help me improve my game

this was the most fun place I've ever teed off
you use a garbage ball and just hit the ball off the cliff
it was so cool to watch the ball soar off  into the wilderness

teeing off on the 18th hole

trying to see where his ball went
We had such a great time.  It was so beautiful.  I've never golfed 18 holes in my life and its not really for me - too long, but it was fun to watch Paul golf the last few holes when I was done.
Rich and Stephanie are from San Diego and really great but super patient golfers.  So friendly and fun to golf with.  What a great day !!!

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