Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to me :)

this photo wasn't actually taken on my birthday
but pretty close
in an early bday present from Paul
he brought it back from his trip and I love it!
I seriously can't keep track of how hold I am anymore - too hard to remember, too hard to do the math.  Someone once told me their idea of birthdays is once you reach 39 then you start going backwards - I like the idea but I can't even do the math to figure that out.
So i had a birthday yesterday and it turned out pretty awesome!  I told a friend that sometimes birthdays are pretty disappointing because you have these huge, unrealistic expectations.  I find myself kind of depressed around my birthdays, not really sure why.  So for this birthday I really had no expectations - didn't plan anything ahead of time,  I knew we were going to go out to dinner because that's what we do in our family :)  Other than that nothing planned - lots of possiblities that's for sure - I could stay in bed all day and read and that was very tempting.  But to do that I would have to go up to our cabin so I wasn't at home looking at all that needed to be done.  I also wanted to go to Kohls and return stuff (I always buy too much and then try on at home and then return) and look for part of my Halloween costume.  Anyway, here's how the day went:

  • the morning started out early, with exercise, like usual.  I probably would have skipped it since it was my birthday but we'd missed the day before and I didn't want to miss again.  And I knew I'd have a better day if I went.  So I met up a little late with Jenny and she said we should go a different way and that was cool with me.  So we were walking up a different street in the neighborhood and she stopped to look at our friend's Halloween decoration - and then 3 more friends appeared and said happy birthday and gave me hugs and continued on with our walk.  That was super fun and what a great surprise!
  • After I got back and got the kids to school I got a text from my other Jenny friend asking if I wanted to go to a movie - that sounded like fun and a perfect thing to do during a free day.  We went on a few errands first looking for costume parts and then went to the Water Gardens Theater (if you haven't been there you should go) and we saw The Hundred Foot Journey and it was SO GOOD!!!  If you haven't seen it, go tomorrow!
  • After school Kamryn had dance so we were out to West Jordan for a couple of hours.  We were able to watch the solar eclipse and that was pretty cool.
  • Dinner at Texas Roadhouse!  Yum!!
  • Then some family time at home where I got some cool and thoughtful presents from family and friends.  I received an awesome self pedicure/manicure kit with my favorite milky way midnight minis, a super cute halloween kitchen kit, a darling nail kit, a balloon from the Relief Society, a yummy apple cake from Kaye next door, some fun notecards with an L on the front, some treats from Sweet Tooth Fairy.  Jared gave me a yummy fall candle.  Kamryn gave me one of the most cute and thoughtful gifts ever - she wrapped up her brush in a scarf and when I opened it she said that she was going to brush my hair, which is my favorite thing.  She did it for over an hour!  Justin gave me 2 travel books on church history sites, which is a trip on my bucket list.  And Paul gave me the FitBit One, which I'd mentioned over a month ago that I'd like one.  The best thing is I'd changed my mind from wanting the bracelet kind to the small one the clips on your pants or bra but I never told him that, and he got me the clip one!!
So it was a great day to have a birthday!

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