Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working Girl

My little Brooke is a working girl now.
She has her first "real" job - she's working at The Coventry, which is an independent living residence for seniors. It is also where my grandma lives. Its just down the street which is so very convenient. Brooke is going to be serving dinner to the residents. And sometimes lunch on Saturday or Sunday.
Her first day was yesterday and since she is training they are having her work every day this week plus a double on Sat. I'm not sure that's a good idea, she might be so burnt out the very first week that she'll really wonder about having a job.
We feel fortunate that she has gotten this job. I think its a great place for her to work and the residents there will love her.

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Stephanie said...

:) Oh, those were the days. Remember when Jillian, Gabby and I used to work at the Wentworth? :) I must admit, it hasn't been my favorite job, but it's pretty good for a first real job.