Saturday, January 29, 2011

No pictures yet

So the furniture was delivered today - the floor model instead of the brand new set they promised. So a new couch and love seat will be delivered next mon or wed but there is not anymore of the chair and ottoman so we have to go back to the store and deal with them on that. Nothing ever goes perfectly, does it?
they did leave the floor set at the house until they switch it out which is a good thing cuz now we get to sit on it and try it out and make sure we like it. And there is a problem - not enough contrast between the main paint color and the furniture. Can you believe it? We agonized over the color choices and spent a lot of time (probably too much, obviously) trying to decide what would look best. So now we're going to Home Depot in the morning to get more paint!


Susan Byers said...

I can not believe that! What a pain!

Paige said...

Pictures! Pictures! We want pictures.

*****Love and Lady Bug***** said...

I second the pictures notion! Ugh, I feel your pain on the paint/furniture color dilemna, been there, done that. It's almost obnoxious how carefully you coordinate, and then realize it's possible to "over-match" your color schemes. I'm sure it will look fantastic when it's done, though!