Saturday, January 01, 2011

Our Project

So for Christmas I told Paul all I wanted was new living room furniture, carpet and paint. That's ALL I wanted. This has turned into a big project.
Christmas was on Saturday. On Monday morning we cleared out the living room - moved all the furniture into the garage - mostly because we're not sure what to do with most of it. Then the kids got busy cleaning walls, baseboards, ceilings, etc. The above picture is some of the stuff that we found in the bottom of our couch. There was even a book in there!

an empty living room is a fun thing. We made up several games to play in there - like who could roll a tennis ball from one end of the room to the other and come closest to touching the wall but not touch it.

Paul starting to cut out holes in the ceiling. We decided to put in recessed can lights. I get sick of walking in there and having to turn on 4 lamps to light up the room. Paul has put a lot of thought into the design of our project. I've been there with him all the way - all the trips to Home Depot and Lowes and I've helped him pull the wire and anything else he needs done.
Next up is prepping the walls and ceiling for painting. I'm so excited to get it finished.


Susan Byers said...

Good thing you are documenting the project. It is fun to watch the progress with you!

Melinda said...

How fun!

Janice said...

Go house project. Can't wait to see the final finished room.