Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Big Canvas

Kamryn's girlie artwork

Part of Jared's island

A few years ago when my sister was getting new carpet she let her kids draw on the old carpet. At the time I thought that was a crazy idea but now we're the crazy ones.
I let Justin start out and he drew this last picture in less than an hour. Taylor added some more hair and the whiskers and signed it for Justin.
Then the rest of the kids got in on the act. Jared started drawing an island and it goes around the whole room almost. Its been really fun and the kids have loved it. Of course we talk all the time about the new carpet that's coming and that no markers, crayons or pens of any kind will even be allowed in that room. Luckily its not carpet that you would really draw on easily.


Susan Byers said...

That is so fun! Your kids will always remember it!

Paige said...

so GREAT. I think I may let my kids paint on the cement floor before we finish the basement. That is, if we ever finish the basement.