Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Family Night

Whenever we ask Jared and Kamryn what they want to do for family night their answer is always the same - PLAY games! And they almost always want to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Its always been a little challenging in our small living room with all the furniture in their but last night it was GREAT. Since we are working on the living room, its empty and we had lots of room.
Jared and Kamryn WANT to be it, which works out great with the rest of us.

Whenever someone tries to get Paul he never even has to stand up because he can tag anyone before he has to get up.

The BIG kids are good sports to join in for the fun.


The Martin Family said...

I seriously can't wait to see your new room. You deserve it!!!

Fun Christmas pics too.

I love your fam!

Susan Byers said...

I love the drawing on the carpet. So fun!

Paige said...

What interesting floor designs. Is that drawing on the carpet, or have you already ripped up the carpet? Will you invite us over when it's finished?