Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hair and Makeup

Last night for YW we had a seminar on hair and makeup. Through connections of some of our leaders we had 3 young ladies talk to our girls about their expertise.
The first 2 young ladies talked about hair and how to take care of your hair. They showed the girls some quick tricks to fix your hair that wasn't too hard or took too much time.
The other young lady talked about skin care and makeup. She even made up one of the girls and showed how natural makeup can look when you apply it correctly.
All of our YW seemed to enjoy the activity and they asked LOTS of questions.
To conclude the activity our Mia Maid/Laurel advisor talked to the girls about what is beauty - inside and out. She talked to them about knowing who they are and to not compare themselves to movie stars who have been made up by a team of professionals. She really brought the spirit in to the activity and concluded with a great message. It was a great activity and one that we will do again. We even talked about doing a slumber party where the girls can experiment with what they learned.

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superpaige said...

Fun! We did one like that right before school started, and it was interesting and fun. This week we had a "Cornival". We watched a little video about corn, and how corn is in EVERYTHING, then we ate corn chips and corn pops and candy corn and corn bread, and we also shucked and blanched corn, then cut it up and bagged it for the girls to take home (or freeze). It was corny, but good.