Thursday, November 09, 2006

To Do List

Paige asked "what's on your to do list", so here's mine for this week:
1.Ironing - This is my nemesis, although lately I've kept up with it a lot better and haven't had to write it down on THE LIST. But I got behind and it's on THE LIST. I've got 3 more shirts and a pair of pants to go and then I can cross it off.
2. Clean shower - just finished that this morning.
3. School area - in our office area I have some shelves with arts and crafts supplies and a shelf where school papers go to sort out later. I need to sort that shelf. This one has been on THE LIST for several weeks. I just can't make myself do it.
4. Living Room Carpets - I just need to call and schedule to have them cleaned.
5. Windows - we want to replace the downstairs windows. I got several bids last year and then we never did anything with the bids so now I'm back to getting bids updated and trying to schedule someone to come do the job.
6. Call Denise - my cousin. We want to go to lunch and catch up.
7. Taylor's parent/teacher conference - crossed this one off yesterday. He received glowing reports from his teacher and had all Es for behavior. AWESOME!
8. Plant spring bulbs - did that one on Tues when it was such nice weather. Now I can hardly wait for spring to see what comes up.
9. Mop kitchen floors - did that one yesterday.

THE LIST keeps me going and more organized. Some weeks are better than others with finishing THE LIST. What I don't cross off gets carried over to THE LIST for the next week.

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