Friday, November 10, 2006

Jared and Kamryn's best day ever

Yesterday was the best day I've ever had with Jared and Kamryn (well, in days that I can remember). They were so happy for most of the day - no whining, not too much fighting with each other.
They slept until 11:00 am and even at that I went in their room before they were really talking and jumping in their beds. They were happy when they got up and ate a good breakfast. Then they were happy to play downstairs and watch TeleTubbies. They were happy when we went in the van to pick up Taylor and his friends from school on early day. They were happy to go down for a nap and happy when they woke up 2 hours later. They were happy going in the van up to the U to go the Utah vs Wyoming women's volleyball match. They had on their cute Ute outfits and they loved being at the game. Jared was jamming out to the band and Kamryn was waving to everyone. We were there for 3 hours and they were so good. Only a little bit of crying at the end and when they got scared by the Ute mascot coming to talk to them. They didn't even fall asleep on the way home and were really good about getting ready for bed. They gave kisses to everyone and then went to bed.
What a great day. When Jared and Kamryn are happy, we're all happy.

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